Entire assembly of a facility is realized from the first entrance point of energy, starting with planned mobilization, erection works and finishes with testing and Commissioning with AL-ROWWAD expert engineers and technicians.

-           Power Plants Equipment.

-           HV & MV Substations (AIS - GIS) indoor / outdoor.

-           Industrial Facilities such as steel factory, cement factory

-           GIS & AIS Installation Up to 380 kV (Gas Insulated Switchgears)

-           AIS & GIS Medium Voltage Switchgear.

-           Low-Voltage, Control, DC systems, SCADA systems, communication, MCC ….

-           All kind of Transformers.

-           All kind of Cables & cable terminations works.

-           Earthing & Lightning systems.

-           Steel Construction.

-           All kind of Lighting System.

-           LV & MV Isolated Bus ducts.

-           Solar project (electromechanical works).

-           Windfarm project (electromechanical works)